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PROJECT CASE STUDY: Catering to Evolving Needs at Village on the Green Senior living

Jan 21, 2024

Nestled within the sprawling campus of the Village on the Green community, Diaz Fritz Group General Contractors (DFG) recently delivered a comprehensive multi-million-dollar renovation and reclassification of the community’s aging skilled-nursing facility. Triggered by the evolving needs of the community and trends in senior living, the 40,000 SF facility was transformed into a core amenity center for residents. Originally constructed in the 80’s, time had etched its mark, signaling the need for modernized amenities, fresh office spaces, and reinvigorated elements. Balancing the objective to modernize with the challenge of maintaining operations, the renovation unfolded with purpose. The DFG team took on the intricacies of project-phasing, tackled unforeseen conditions and delivered a memorable experience to staff and residents.

The centrally housed building saw improvements to the overall function, and updates that transformed the facility into updated office and amenity spaces, housing an all-new art room, gym facility, card room, resident library, multidenominational spiritual room, store fronts, conference rooms and salon space for residents. office space for an incoming sales team.

Team Accomplishments: Strategic Adjustments for an Occupied Space

Originally thought to be delivered in a single phase, the project team was faced with recalibrating the project delivery into multiple phases due to the operational and occupied status of the facility. The team worked quickly to develop tactics to approach the job and rework the schedule in a way that benefited all parties.

Managing the construction of a renovation within an occupied facility poses nuances that require thoughtful consideration. Our goal is to guarantee project site safety, and as little disruption as possible to the operations. Oftentimes, meticulous planning and phasing of the delivery fosters the most efficiency and safety when working within an occupied space. Part of the delicate strategy dance of phasing is aligning a seamless start and stop for each phase.

Some innovations delivered by DFG during the re-phasing of this project involved working around a shared entrance for the construction teams, staff and residents. To keep residents and staff safe and away from the active construction zone, the team devised a flow and ingeniously created a tunnel to guide residents to their dining area, ensuring their safety amid ongoing construction.

“I’m especially proud of our team for how well everyone did in an occupied space” says DFG’s Project Manager, Manuel “A key component to our success here was the communication between our teams and the staff and keeping them informed. I attribute much of this to our Site Superintendent, Nick. By engaging with the on-site staff, we maintained a harmonious working environment, keeping everyone informed and content”.

Unforeseen Conditions: Navigating Challenges for Client Savings

Renovations to existing facilities are sometimes met with unknowns due to the age and limited knowledge of the structure. Unforeseen conditions may present themselves; demanding teams work together swiftly to address building plans and ensure a continued seamless delivery. When part of the skilled-nursing renovation plans called for the connection of two parts of the building where no connectivity existed before, the project team uncovered a load bearing wall that was previously unknown. The presence of a load bearing wall where we were to be constructing a new corridor posed immediate threats to the project’s budgets and timelines”

DFG spearheaded collaboration between the owner and architect to explore alternative designs and optimize cost
savings for the client. Together, the team developed a redesign that involved relocating a dry cooler space within the kitchen and adjusting the corridor route. A solution that achieved the desired result without compromising structural integrity. This decision averted potential additional expenses of $30,000-$40,000.

Fostering Connection Through Construction

A particularly heartening aspect of this project was the enthusiastic response from the residents. One resident, who had spent his career in construction, formed a special bond with the DFG team. His visits provided both encouragement and a delightful connection to the project.

Witnessing the residents’ excitement and witnessing their interactions with the evolving space was a rare and deeply rewarding experience for our team.We are proud of the successful completion of this renovation project. Hearing about the bonds created onsite between our team and the residents during construction is especially rewarding for our teams at Diaz Fritz group.

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