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Building Success: Insights on Construction, Culture and Client Commitments from incoming President, Wayne Ismark

Aug 18, 2023

Wayne Ismark, Incoming President for Diaz Fritz Group General Contractors

It’s the beginning of a new era for Diaz Fritz Group General Contractors (DFG). We extend a warm welcome to our incoming President, Wayne Ismark, who brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to drive the company. This strategic transition marks an exciting chapter in the company’s journey as we embrace Wayne’s innovative leadership to navigate the evolving market landscape and pursue promising opportunities. His career has had a remarkable journey equipping him with the experiences and knowledge to continue leading DFG towards growth and continued success.

A Career in Construction 

For Wayne, the world of construction has always been fascinating. There’s something exciting about the challenge of always building something different. So, when he was introduced to the Building and Construction Program as a college student, the rest was history. Wayne joined the DFG family in 2015 as a project manager. Having weathered the challenges of the Great Recession and owning a company of his own, Wayne eagerly sought the dynamic environment of a larger team. Throughout his time at DFG, he has witnessed a cultural evolution that fueled his desire to continue growing as a leader with the firm.

The Impact of Culture 

Company culture holds significant importance for Wayne. He believes that success lies in the company’s ability to grow and change with the times. As the company transitioned over time from old-school management practices to a more progressive approach, Wayne embraced the opportunity to grow alongside the organization. Today, he takes great pride in the company’s integrity and believes this alignment serves as a foundation for a great company to grow and foster a future for the community and people. “I have scruples. I care. This company cares. We do good work. We’re fair. We have all the foundations in place for a great company.” says Wayne.

DFG in Florida 

Wayne is bullish about the opportunities for the organization in Florida. His outlook on the Tampa market holds a strong vision for continued growth as one of the top 3 cities in the state. There is no shortage of development taking place, but Wayne keeps a pulse on the infrastructure challenges that may arise for developers as a concern for overbuilding grows. His sharp awareness of the needs of the market gives our teams a competitive edge. He believes that early engagement is the key to success in mitigating the challenges the industry faces in today’s environment.

A Trusted Resource During Challenging Projects

There’s never a simple answer when it comes to construction. Wayne believes DFG’s early involvement in the design process poses the best opportunity for success in terms of lending knowledge on the local environment and sourcing long-lead materials. “We know construction is full of challenges.” says Wayne “We strive our best to lead with integrity and enable our clients to make informed decisions on how to proceed in the best interest of their project when challenges arise.” A consistent and positive experience with the firm is always a priority for our teams.

Looking Ahead 

The organization has a healthy pipeline of projects that Wayne is excited to see come to life. The senior living sector has been particularly active with DFG teams engaged in an exciting prototype development set to launch this year. 

Wayne’s vision for DFG is to be recognized as one of the best local general contractors in our class. He is enthusiastic about empowering and mentoring others in the industry, eagerly sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise.

Have a development you want to discuss with Wayne? Reach out to him at wismark@diazfritz.com.

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